Mystic Music – Songs that Predict!

Have you ever had this feeling that the song that you cherish the most predict life after that song gets boring? If you say yes, then nod along and read. Well if you say no, still read!


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It’s that song that pulls you away from reality, even for a second, and makes you say ‘wow’ – good, bad, guilty, wonderful, doesn’t matter. This is natural to everyone. Music is rewarding – quite literally because it stimulates dopamine – a hormone that is associated with reward and motivation. If someone walks up to me right now and tells me that they have never heard a song with which they had never connected emotionally, then I would smirk and say ‘you are lying my dear!’.

While there are studies that talks about physical aspect of music, I have something more mystic about it. For me it is a soothsayer. Many a times the music that I get hooked to will mostly predict the next stage. Hooked to is a tricky word here – it is not those which I get addicted to, but the ones that touches a chord in me. Lot of songs that I listen to often make me wonder what made the artist say that, compose such a music only later realise that I was/am in that place. No! it does not happen overnight. It happens over a longer period. Let me narrate an incident.

There is a song by Naughty Boy – La La La released in 2013 and it hit the top 40 charts for a while. The song speaks about abuse and how people walk away from places where they are abused; either an abusive friends or family/workplace/society in search of a compassionate happy place (or that’s what I think the song is all about). There is one particular scene between 1:45 to 2:00 where the boy pays pennies to a vendor who puts a bleeding beating heart into the pocket of the guy who comes with the boy. That scene is so raw that it touched my heart. It one of the reason which got me hooked on to the song. Later as it happens to any other song, it faded away into my playlist until one fine day couple of years later, shuffle happens and I heard the song again. It stirred the same feeling, but it was rather much more intense because by then I had already walked out of an abusive friend(s) and workplace. The reality dawned upon me, it was illuminating in one hand but spooky on the other.

This is one of many that has such an mystic effect upon me. These songs are those that I get hooked on to and later when I re-listen I go all wide eyed and into a trance, re-living the moment. Either being happy for the good times or go moist eyes because I miss that life / that person who I was or sometimes embarrassed because I was too naïve to realise something that was staring so apparently in front of my eyes.

Have you been in my place? If yes, please do share in the comments.


Freedom of the Film Industry is a Two-Way Street

Freedom of the Film Industry is a two-way street; the expression of the creativity is given to set trends in the society. However, what is expected is to not multiply the problems present but reduce and eradicate them; glorify the vice for the wrong reasons and definitely not make them the cool statement; educate people by and large and not eradicate them bit by bit. Creative freedom was called for during the Udta Punjab issue, burning like raging fire only doused by the Courts’ order. It was really great to see the efforts materialize.


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It is high time that we take a closer look  at the vices that are already prevalent, the cigar stub on the lips, the ideas of being hammered being the ‘cool’ thing; the humor at the expense of others, the infamous verbal diarrhea in the name of punch dialogues, the aww-worthy romance, the frugal story line and I could go on all day; all of these are means of ideas being infused into the society cover with a delicate sheer of consciousness which most of than not, propagate what needs to be contained.

The script that probably started with the idea of sticking close to reality is posing anything but reality; no one likes a person who jokes on others plight incessantly; while a rampant smoker is sprinting towards his grave and there will be no miraculous last minute saves; fighting is not innate ability to anyone and a punch cannot the other person flying into the air; a girl will never fall for a guy just because she finds him everywhere she goes; love will not blossom overnight, oh wait! I’m not talking about lust here. The morbid ideas of proclaiming to be ín-love’; the guy/girl being a go-getter and everything good will happen to them has virtually killed the beauty of romance. Sure it does not harm to see happy endings, however these do not bring in a positive impact. The ideals that these movies injects in, creates ripples that when the waves lash up the shore, all we get is the shells of once dwelt souls.

How many times has the hero stalks the heroine, in the name of love! And the girl being overwhelmed by the repeated attention falls for the guy, like all the guy needs to do it chase her, hold her by her throat, and make her confess her ‘true love’. How endearing! We have lost one to the misery that is spreading. We are react to this by being more proactive by being just a tad bit more responsible.

Kids watch and learn, and they do that quick. Shouldn’t what is shown be thought and allowed?  The recent onslaught of the derogatory dialogues, the idea percolates as the fandom idolizes these actors, and it is not restricted to just kids. That is when caution needs to be exercised. It can either set examples of bad culture and language that is currently prevalent, while the contrary is true too. One might argue movies also cater to the light side of audience who wants to watch the movie in a lighter vein. However why is that humor has been cheap? Aiming to put down someone continuously, or hitting the other person, the petty one-liners; satire is good, sarcasm is welcome, but one it crosses the threshold limit of being petty, humor loses its charm. We have seen both extremes comedians and personally good humor always percolates and been my personal favorite.

A line mentioning that smoking is injurious to health at the beginning of the movie will have almost no effect in the mind of the fans who hero-worship these actors. All these young fans see on screen is the cool quotient, which is pretty high and they copy their heroes blind to the consequences. Next comes the glam in the movies, the size zero. I don’t even know where to start, and it is not restricted to the film industry. The image shaming is a big deal and size zero is humanly not possible or it comes with huge health issues.

A more responsible script writing and keeping in mind the audience and their age and mind set would be really helpful. If there was a societal positive impact factor that is measured, where would you honestly rate the movies that one watches; and wjat would the collective impact be? Cinema is one of the primary ways an era is identified with, and what is depicted shows reality is a personal call everyone in the industry needs to decide upon.