For Us – The one-day ‘Patriots’

We have come a long way from the firsts in India, now we are rolling in the mid versions of double digits. We are clocking in close to seven decades of being a free land. We have a few feathers to our hat, a few who knew the feathers are there. We have come a long way from the independence struggle; the persons who rubbed their shoulders struggling for that day when we can breathe free air, fly the Tricolor high and sing National Anthem in this free land. We have come so far that more than half of the population do not know about the struggle; how lives were spent away, while others lived to tell a tale. The tales of what we call now as ‘#PRIDE’ was etched into the blood and bones of the brave Indians.

When ‘xx’ years of independence and freedom started rolling in double digits, the pride meter started to touch highest on days such as this; while the teens with a distinct dislike to history had the closest reach to the binoculars that peered into the past. Sadly, I’m no different. I do not know the important dates, I do not know about the various marches, I do not know about the various leaders and the struggles they endured to get me what is taken for granted. But one might wonder why do we need to dig into history, it is after all in the past? Alternatively history is also called the experience of others. It is often said that ‘History repeats itself’ and ‘One person cannot do all the mistakes themselves, they learn through experience of others’ which are self-explained.

 Yes today is the Republic Day and not the Independence Day to rant about freedom, but the former cannot be celebrated without the latter. Democracy is never a one man’s show; it’s a collective responsibility. Maybe we need to look back to look ahead; to give that clarity as to what is required; how it was done; to embrace hope; to get inspired; to achieve. Together we can!

Let’s start by discussing incidents that lead to Indian independence, maybe one incident a week. Lets debate and discuss on what happened without getting personal; let’s bring in varied perspectives; lets write stories, poems out of them; let’s make the history come back alive, to re-unite and strengthen, for there is no greater strength than in being together. With a deeper understanding, I truly believe that many problems of today can be resolved for a better tomorrow through the knowledge of yesterday.

Ini oru Vidhi Seivom


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