Mystic Music – Songs that Predict!

Have you ever had this feeling that the song that you cherish the most predict life after that song gets boring? If you say yes, then nod along and read. Well if you say no, still read!


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It’s that song that pulls you away from reality, even for a second, and makes you say ‘wow’ – good, bad, guilty, wonderful, doesn’t matter. This is natural to everyone. Music is rewarding – quite literally because it stimulates dopamine – a hormone that is associated with reward and motivation. If someone walks up to me right now and tells me that they have never heard a song with which they had never connected emotionally, then I would smirk and say ‘you are lying my dear!’.

While there are studies that talks about physical aspect of music, I have something more mystic about it. For me it is a soothsayer. Many a times the music that I get hooked to will mostly predict the next stage. Hooked to is a tricky word here – it is not those which I get addicted to, but the ones that touches a chord in me. Lot of songs that I listen to often make me wonder what made the artist say that, compose such a music only later realise that I was/am in that place. No! it does not happen overnight. It happens over a longer period. Let me narrate an incident.

There is a song by Naughty Boy – La La La released in 2013 and it hit the top 40 charts for a while. The song speaks about abuse and how people walk away from places where they are abused; either an abusive friends or family/workplace/society in search of a compassionate happy place (or that’s what I think the song is all about). There is one particular scene between 1:45 to 2:00 where the boy pays pennies to a vendor who puts a bleeding beating heart into the pocket of the guy who comes with the boy. That scene is so raw that it touched my heart. It one of the reason which got me hooked on to the song. Later as it happens to any other song, it faded away into my playlist until one fine day couple of years later, shuffle happens and I heard the song again. It stirred the same feeling, but it was rather much more intense because by then I had already walked out of an abusive friend(s) and workplace. The reality dawned upon me, it was illuminating in one hand but spooky on the other.

This is one of many that has such an mystic effect upon me. These songs are those that I get hooked on to and later when I re-listen I go all wide eyed and into a trance, re-living the moment. Either being happy for the good times or go moist eyes because I miss that life / that person who I was or sometimes embarrassed because I was too naïve to realise something that was staring so apparently in front of my eyes.

Have you been in my place? If yes, please do share in the comments.


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