#6 Numb3rs!

Three Clues…

Three Strokes…

3 Lines before the clue…

26 words before ‘clue’…

21 words and … ROSE

Everything was propped up on the board, three was in subtle repetition. 26 is 13 times two and 21 was 7 times 3. But something eerie were the numbers 13 and 7. Infamous for evil omens, or so was he taught.He was looking right at it and he was missing the obvious.

His subconscious mind was acting quick; he knew what it was. His wound was in his upper abdomen, just deep enough to make an impact not deep enough to kill. He lay with his wound facing up. Does this mean was Annie trying to help him after all? That grin was to haunt him; more than the grotesque bodies he has seen.

This tunnel, weird co-incidence, he met Lissy here true! But not many knew that. In fact, only he knew. Does that mean …

“Something must be there, something does not fit in! It was funny that the number 3 was recurring in the start. Then the very recent note slowly started to give in to the number 4. Think!

21 words and … ROSE

12 lakhs worth painting

8 years before…”

Then it struck him. He thought always about ‘Jack’ and him. It was the trusted versions. What of there was a third dimension to it, what if these were independent events that was causally exploited by the someone.

“Wait! .. that does not make sense! OR perhaps it does!”

“If Sarvesh was behind this, a revenge; what would he have against Lissy that drive him to kill her. Yes the tested and trial versions are there. Mary! Why did he not guess it earlier? There was of course someone else! A copy cat but the ink was unique and same as before” It has a third dimension to it. The third victim to the madness should not be him, Could it be ‘Noel’? one of his colleague-police man.

But he was with him during those murders and his expression on seeing the victims were so distressing, if it was indeed him then?”

If it was not, then he still had a mystery to solve and Sarvesh was his trump card.



His new partner Steven had put a tracker in his car to annoy him has saved Prakash life. Late that night as he went to dismiss the GPS he found it going into the marked territories and followed him. Though Steven had just missed the stabbers, he managed to bring Prakash in an extremely critical condition. After a lot of struggle and sheer determination Prakash opened his eyes.

Annie was in grave danger and he didn’t know how real she was but she needed his help.

Sarvesh! Death sentence yet he didn’t crack up. Noel a key policeman in this trail.

How were they related?

Does the number 3 and 4 hold more significance?


This post is a part of the “Tagged” Contest by writer Kaarthika and The Chennai Bloggers Club. Kaarthika’s book is being released on May 29. Do pre-order it on Amazon.

I pass on the quill to Uma Muruganantham

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