That 24!

So what happens when I turned 24! Oh no! Oh wait girls are not supposed to say their age out loud aren’t they! Well who cares? I just did.

So my 24th birthday happened last week recording that *first birthday which was on a working day* ever since I started working, no I’m not so old if it got you wondering, I joined work last year and that birthday was on a weekend. It got me all thinking, (psst! people who know me very well by now would roll their eyes and think, there she goes!)

It rather felt different, feeling like a grown-up! Then reality struck me, yes I’m a grown-up now. Well, some might say teenage is a difficult age as one can’t identify themselves with the adults or the adolescents around, but to me this phase feels very weird!

Usually, I would become all excited from a week before my birthday and I would be going around like this, well almost! This year for the biggest part I forgot my birthday was approaching. I removed my birthday reminder on FB for the next part. Then I wondered what was happening, I wanted wishes from those very close to me, who managed to wish me and did! Then was the part of me going to office just like it was any other day. Of course, I managed to meet all who mattered and lived in Chennai.Was this the sign that I was officially a growun-up? or that stage when people feel too childish to have

Was this the sign that I was officially a grown-up? or that stage when people feel too childish to have celebrations and everything, which I definitely did not want to be identified with. I wanted my people around me and it did happen that way!

I did not have a cake but I did have Amma’s payasam; I did not wear any party-hats but I did earn my new dress; I didn’t have my FB wall full of wishes but I did have my call list full of my people who wished me personally.

Maybe I was all grown up, maybe I wasn’t! the mysterious started with its own confusions! It’s gonna be a rock and roll year I’m sure!



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