Stranger during Commute

I was hurrying down to catch a metro train that was due in a few moments (at least that was what I thought!) someone was already in heels behind me. In Chennai, the metro was yet to become the most used facility as it was not yet open completely, so when someone rushes past you in such a hurried fashion, it could only be that they will be commuting with you. Or perhaps taking the metro to a destination completely in the opposite end, which did not strike me at that time.

To get describing the ‘someone’, it was a young lady, more or less my age. She was dressed in a classy manner, and something about her spelt that she was not from Chennai. I jogged behind her and reached the metro station. At the security checks, it was like a finish line. I let her go through first. She turned gave a big smile and said thanks! That is when I saw her eyes, big beautiful and she had applied kohl, she seemed a bit lost. Once we passed the security checks, she turned and quipped, “kh-koyemm-bEduu this way?” My doubts were confirmed, she was not from Chennai and she was to travel with me. I nodded a yes. As we heard a train approaching, the marathon to the finish line began. Panting and puffing, climbing through the infinite steps and running in, we found out that the metro was for Alandur. (Always happens for me, not even once did I get in and got a metro to my station the very first instance! Talk about my perfect timing!)

I saw the stranger looking around, she was wearing different expressions by the minute, she was confused, then curious and her eyes were intent. She looked at me and smiled, that is when I realised I despite what I thought I was looking through my peripherals vision, was it a bit obvious that I was staring? Thankfully the train outlined on the tracks and I signalled that the train has arrived. We boarded the coach on the meekly filled train. There was something about her eyes that kept drawing my attention. Was it that they were lost, maybe not! She had the faraway look of longing. Maybe the new city was a bit too much for her, maybe not! But her eyes were something that was captive and maybe trying to tell a story. A story like none before, experiences and sights that were unique, the perceptions that came it that is completely different and infinitely myriad! Those eyes!

Soon, I got down at my station and she moved along, eyes of someone so intense, the eyes of a stranger during a commute.

Have you had such experiences? 



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