Then you know!

My last post was posted on October 13 and in fact I barely posted anything last year; making it through 4-5 posts last year, scratch that, 13 posts to be on the button.  The year of 2015, the dark year as I would like to call it. But then what changed, you might question, ‘it has barely been a day into the new year!’. I was never a believer of new-year concept but then, this time it was a welcome change, a much needed overdue change that came through in the name of the new-year.

Change, the funny thing about change is that it can never come through without awareness! What is it like to be aware? It gave me an insight about things that I previously did not know and not just purely on a knowledge basis but on different levels.

Awareness that your best friend has been emotionally manipulating you can eventually make you walk away from them; the awareness that a headache coupled with other small problems can be an early stage to find out life threatening diseases can eventually lead to recovery; awareness about bad environment for a child, once they choose to speak up, will eventually result in a better life; awareness always help, that partner to walk away from the cheater; that CEO to fire the embezzler in the sheep skin; the driver to notice the faulty parts before a road trip; about the destructive side to a new invention and thereby make sure to reach the proper hands and the list is virtually endless.

So much to awareness, but is that it all? To put it simply, awareness is the cause; and there is no value for the cause without the effect, being the change that it brings about. No awareness can rescue someone who refuses to see it and succumb themselves to misery.

With that said it is indeed a new year, a day old yes! but it is a good time to bring on the changes and mark this as my first post.









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