Amidst a Traffic-Jam

Life is scary; we  have many things to do and life rolls by and one fine day when we turn and look, it goes past in a blur, but those moments that flew past do matter. Suddenly we feel nothing is around us is going the way it is supposed to be; believe it or not there are moments that makes us feel everything is going to be alright and it will be. The challenge of life is that we simply fail to see it in those moments.

It was one such moment that I paused, and I saw around that I learnt an important lesson

It was crowded road with pedestrian and people scrambling across and consequently there was a traffic jam. There are not many things that can be done while stuck in a two-wheeler, all I could so was either brood and become forever annoyed for getting stuck or just look at around and calm my world down to sync in with the speed of the traffic; and I choose to slow down my thoughts and look around.

I was stuck near a bus depot, and all around me were buses and I was rather wedged in-between a queer position between two buses. One on the right and another on the left with a gap that could easily accommodate  two grown adults. Through that giant sized peep -hole, I saw another bus standing in front of these two buses. It was that bus that made all the difference.

I saw an old man; he was agile despite a frail frame and he heaved a sight of relief that speard a bright smile across his face caught my eyes instantly. His happiness was so apparent on his face that he got a bus to his desired destination and as a cherry on top of the icing, the was pretty empty. It meant he could rest during the journey. Seeing that man smile and practically hop into the bus made me so feel warm.

*here is when you might think ok so what is so special in the incident? It is definitely a feel good and attitude of gratitude maybe! but then you might have been was expecting something that speaks little bit more than this, so read on!*

It was a pretty long signal, and that led me to witness another happening that made all the difference. The elated man who boarded the bus, got down from the bus after a few moments, and walked away in the same upbeat way that he boarded the bus. I was awestruck. I was expecting the man to come back and get on board again. But then the bus moved away and the man never returned; the signal turned green and that moment was there to stay. I thought it tried to tell me something; that when an inspiration struck me

Many a times we find ourselves to be extremely eager about something and half way into it, we realise that maybe it was not the best choice opting that decision. But how often do we step out from that mess? How often do we make that decision consciously and not out of compulsion or letting it go being the last choice? How often do we take abdonment in our stride and move on? The reality is that we come across so many situations in our daily lives; from something as simple as dealing with those people who keep bickering behind your back in a manner that is required to more complicated issues like going to a job that we done like; being threatened and emotionally manipulted in any relationship. It includes fighting for justice and standing up for what is right; accepting it and doing the needful. What once seem like a much needed salvation can turn bad. People change, priorties change, sitautions can back-fire. It is always better to not brood over it but take the lessons and walk away, just like that man who scattered away from what he felt was great at the first thought

This might sound like an insane thought for a man getting off a bus, but you can’t deny that it did have a lesson ON THE GO!

(Wondering what is ON THE GO, Click to know more)

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