On The Go!

Where do inspirations come from? Why and how does someone gets inspired? What makes that moment so special? Why is that that that moment struck a chord in us? Have you ever wondered?

The life never rests even for a minute, not even a fraction of a second; there is always this constant buzz of activity that keep reverberating around us. Even whilst sitting in a closed room, with only my laptop for company, I hear and see so many activities go around me; the constant buzz of my fan, the curtains rising and falling like waves in an ocean, the clamour of the keys as I keep typing, the tick-tock clock, my mother talking over the phone outside my door, the honking of the bus far away, and the chant of evening prayer from a nearby mosque;

These are just a handful of moments that exist around me this very instant. Well you might wonder what these insignificant moments that I mentioned would probably mean. well! Pause for a moment and think when a flap of a butterfly can cause a hurricane in the other side of the world, would any act be considered insignificant?; these actions wove into one and other so intricately well that they contain poignant messages deeply embedded within them.

If we just keep our mind a little more receptive, we get to understand that grand design. That would then suddenly choose to reveal the silent lessons they have to offer to us.

Life is appalling and marvellous; it is this beautiful pattern that repeats itself over and over again in myriad other disguised ways; once we start to perceive it, we get to understand, the big grand design.

Curious to see what I’m talking about?

Watch this space for more

The ON THE GO series …..


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