India mourns the death of a great soul.

I see black DPs and RIP messages everywhere; not to forget the quotes as images videos and status being shared.

Kalam sir, I have not met him or anything of that sorts, which now I regret. I’m just like any other person, seen him on the television, read his works and biographies. He is my inspiration, he has shown me that

No matter who I am, I rise to be one whom I wish to be, for which I need to have a dream and choices which I make do matter.

The news of him passing away still shocks me. However, I wish to ask everyone who reads this post one question – Are we mourning right? If your answer is anyone of these then ‘Well this is what we usually do!’; ‘That is all we can do’; ‘Great soul! May he rest in peace’ in a nonchalant manner then maybe take a deep breath and think it over.

The world has seen many great leaders indeed; India has seen many more, since time immemorial, we have read about them, seen movies been taken about their lives, their quotes being floated upon and yearly twice we do remember them without fail – birth and death anniversary. How often do we remember them otherwise?

When it is Kalam sir, we have had the privilege of sharing the years with him, to whatever extent it might be, we did. And that is a legacy that we can carry for a very long time if only we choose to. That choice is what we need to remember on this dark day.

We are doing the easy part today – the infinite speeches that are given in remembrance of the great man, the moments of silence, the blacks that are floated up as DP and cover, the quotes, the shares and the likes. However, none of these would hold any value if we fail to embrace the ideals that he preached and lived by. He rose to greatness by choice, and that choice that he made was not easy, was not a bed of roses. He sustained and earned respect of millions, warmth and wisdom were his path. He travelled the way that was less trodden, and he left a legacy to be embraced.

As the great man, now rests in peace, it is time that we not just look up to him, but embrace his ideals, take forth his ideas, and live in a way that someday, when another unknown person writes our eulogy, they mention Kalam sir being that beacon light for us. That would make him proud.


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