Happy Women’s day! Well done people well done on wishing all your beloved women in your life on this very special day. However a few last minute points to ramble upon. The irony of this *special* day is that it gets so much importance that other 364 days gets starved. It is to such an extent that it gets mal-nourished by the collective society that no matter how much booster shots – Go WOMEN POWER are given by the media and other angelic souls, it just doesn’t seem to be enough!

Let me ask this question to you. Where does the question of NEED equality come in? Imagine a house without a woman, let’s say without a mother in it, it would be as empty as a house without the father in it. It is not that such houses do not exist, but those who have lived through such houses knows the feeling of emptiness. It was, is and always will be a concept of INGRAINED equality, it doesn’t have to be spoken. Everything starts at home. It is never said or practiced that one gender is greater than the other but of always co-dependency. There can be not one single person, who is INDEPENDENT to every syllable of it, even God needs humans because come on he gets bored up there.

Right now, you might just purse your lips give a head nod and think, ‘what about the countless woman being abused?’ or any other issue where woman not being treated right. I go specific with woman today is because, well duh! It is woman’s day. Give it a deeper thought, the recent issue of cow being abused by a man. I’m not going to go on about was the cow out at night, was it dressed proactively yada yada yada. However just pause for a moment what exactly it is about? We have a series of reports, never ending long drawn out cases of abuse; men abusing women; women abusing men (yes it happens too!); women abusing women; men abusing men; and we have the same permutations and combinations for LGBT and children too. Thereby coming to the consensus that something needs to be fixed. What is it? Ramble on …

Every time when anyone wants to harm the other person in any way, pause and think. Would I like it if someone does this to me? Would I feel comfortable? This in simple terms is called KINDNESS and COMPASSION. Anyone in the sane mind would not want pain to be inflicted upon oneself; would want respect from others; would want to be treated right and be and feel that they are important. These are basic to any specie, so why deny that. It was and never will be an ecosystem where independence is exercised, when that thought is as primitive to life as evolution itself, it goes untold for the human species, a spec in the vast varied universe of countless creations.

Change starts at home, it is high time that the sixth sense is dusted and revived and sent for a reality check. How kind are you? How compassionate are you? When was the last time you hurt someone? What went wrong? Try fixing it? … Commencing the long drawn introspection.

It is time we rejuvenate and start living, not merely living but a kind and compassionate life, automatically comes in happiness, peace, equality and respect.


After all we came here to co-exist.

Live it simple. Live it happy.

And enjoy the song in the truest sense of it.

Can you read the M without the W or vice-versa?

Can you read the M without the W or vice-versa?


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