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It was 15 minutes since Raghuveer spoke. His heart was pounding audibly now and his stomach was already growling with hunger. He was sitting at the table. Patiently waiting.

Anita was sitting and staring at him. It was as if time froze, her eyes blinking were the only thing that were actually moving in that room. Everything else stood still. Absolutely still.



A pillow hit Raghuveer, unexpectedly and then hell broke loose while Raghuveer was still counting ducks.

“You think you call waltz in here as you please, after being a complete jerk?” then Anita stormed towards the table. Raghuveer expected more tornadoes for the day, the storm has just started.

“You better sit and talk!” she thundered, sitting cross-legged on the chair, with fire in her eyes.

“That is what I’ve been telling” Raghuveer mumbled.

“Speak up!” Anita bellowed.

“Na, just talk what is on your mind.” Raghuveer retorted back calmly.

“You just took such a big step, a giant leap! What were you thinking? It changed your life, entirely…” she went on for a while, “On top of all that it is THAT female! Was I talking to deaf ears the last time? You could have just told me when I asked you about it! NO! You can’t right!”

Raghuveer cleared his throat, with a grin spreading across his face.

“WHAT?” Anita questioned him.

“Anitaaa, you talk as if I’m into a relationship or girl stuff!” and chuckled!

Anita wondered for a minute and started laughing.


So what is the issue? Why is she pissed? 

Any guesses?


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