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Raghuveer confessed to Amy! By then he was completely drained. He wanted his alone time, and go in search of solitude. He thanked Amy and walked away!


(12 hours later)

Anita was feeling terrible. She never lied fights or misunderstandings, but this time she felt it was necessary. Yet something was disturbing her. She knew Raghuveer would be crushed, she wanted to check on him. There were no messages or missed calls on her phone. She felt he would have gone in search of some alone time, where no one can possibly reach him unless he wanted to talk; or maybe not. She realized she did not know him enough in the light of the recent events.


She called Sunil.

“Ani! Wassup girl?” a sleepy voice croaked.

“Sunny! I didn’t know you would be sleeping so late! Sorry to bother you man!”

“I got back from work late yesterday. Anyway you sound terrible. What happened?” he asked all concerned.

“I’m fine! I was hoping you will know where Raghuveer will be?” she whispered

“Call hi…wait! You came to know?” Sunil jerked up awake!

“And you didn’t tell me either!” she was fuming but she could not react much, she was drained out.

“Come on babe! How can I talk about it? We had a truce!”

Anita sighed.

“How did you come to know anyway?” Sunil was curious.

But before Anita could reply,“Hold on babe, I’ll be right back.”

Anita was stunned, now that she was feeling numb, she curled up against her pillow and let her eyes claim the much needed rest.


(An hour later)

“Wake up little one! Breakfast here! Mommy is here!”

She heard rattling and ripping noises.

“I couldn’t find a tray here your highness! Step on to the table! UP! UP!! GET UPP!”

Anita was still in a state of confusion, she took a few moments to get back to reality. She sat up straight on her bed. “How? What?” she was looking at the breakfast getting ready with wide eyes.

“Moron! You slept with doors unlocked. Being pissed and being a moron are two different things you know. But needless to say you are pretty good at both.” He chuckled

“What are you doing here?” Anita spoke

“I figured you wouldn’t have had breakfast. I didn’t have mine either. I’m really hungry. Let’s eat come Ani!”

Anita was having the most peculiar expression.

“Lady! If you have already had food, I’ll have your share too! Good for me. Yipeee!”

Anita narrowed her eyes. She was a foodie and flicking her food meant war, oopsy!

He continued, “Well! I have your favourite, the herbed potatoes and fried tomatoes and the sunny side up sandwiches and fruit juices and of course my favourite pancakes with maple. Smells delicio….”

He sighed and kept the plate on the table and sat on the chair,

“Ok! I know you are colossally mad and frustrated. And yes I should have told you! I’m here to listen to you! Talk to me. Before that I’m hungry, please join me at the table.” He played a sincere apology.

Anita was confused, she didn’t want to look at Raghuveer. She couldn’t believe he was here. She didn’t know what to do.

“Anita! I should not have lied, let’s just talk about it and deal with it however way it needs to be dealt with, will you talk to me? And eat these?”



Will Anita talk to Raghuveer? What do you think will happen? Will they talk? What was the whole thing that happened? 

Stay Tuned for more … SOOON

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