ouRDay – Was it shown that way?

It is the Republic day. Personally I usually look forward for Independence Day more, until recently when I had a conversation with my dad. He casually mentioned that Republic Day was when the India was formed as a state, even during Independence Day, there were pockets of kingdoms present. That is when it struck me how valuable both these days are to me as an Indian. Despite the fact that I had to work on Republic Day, this Monday started with a beautiful start. It was the 66th year of the Indian Republic, my Mother India played host to so many visitors and the guest of honour being the President of America. I used to watch the parade ever since I was a kid, waking up very early on a national holiday. In fact it was a family affair, right from my grand-pa, grand-ma, dad, mom and my brother would sit and watch the parade. Today that parade was witnessed by Obama himself. I as an Indian felt so much pride to play host, in the most fractions of the fractional effort I could. It was really nice to watch a Mr. Modi in his varied wardrobe. The man behind “MAKE IN INDIA”, the man who delivered an impeccable speech, with the promise of rising Indian to top 50 countries to do business. It was indeed a festive day for India.

Later in the evening the retreating ceremony at Wagah was held! It was the first ever time that I happen to see the ceremony. The true spirits of a Republic Day. It was delight not only to see but also to hear. I had goose bumps all over as I saw the men at the border performing.

Bordering the telecast was a constant scroll, the #RDayControversy. A foul cry being raised about every other issue, why did Modi break the protocol, why did Obama have chewing gum? Why did Modi have such a big wardrobe, whom did he impress? What is with the AAP? What is with the XYZ? Why is ABC putting up a tantrum? And it goes on, the list is named RDayControversy, and it goes with numbering that reads controversy 1, controversy 2. It was truly dampening the spirits of the day.

It is true that all the miniscule actions needs to be micro-analysed by political analysts and definitely not everyone’s opinion are going to be alike. But somewhere amidst the need to analyse I felt there was a need to differentiate amongst the media, how best one can stand out? If I report about this would I get the attention? The way the industry works one might perhaps say, but then it is the media, by far the most powerful tool to affect and effect a change. Sometimes I do feel the media is covering issues that are far less important than those that needs to be covered, and are of utmost importance, whose debates would stem healthy thought process amongst the population. Many a times I just wish to hear a debate that let the panel talk, and motivates everyone to talk individually, again I’m stressing individually. I’m asking each one of those creating the menace and those reporting the petty menace and those who ensures this # floats around and scars the name a few questions: would you do this in your family function? Would you want to dampen the spirits, would you want to make big issues out of small things? Would you like it when someone else does the same?

It is time that all of us starts acting responsibly, do what is needed and be prudent enough to distinguish between anguish and loathsome behaviour. At the end of the day, time spent needs to benefit both the listener and the speaker, and affect a change in the right way!

Jai Hind!

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