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Amy looked up at Raghuveer, wide-eyed. “You lied?”


Anita, picked up the photo-frame from the table. The perfect capture, Raghuveer and her on a hiking trip, a candid shot in the snow. She looked at him and whispered, “Why did you lie?”


(Almost ten years back in time)

Raghuveer with a triumph expression in his face walked into the cafeteria. He saw his friends sitting in their usual spot, he pulled a chair and sat. They were perplexed with the unmistakable glee that was plastered on his face. Everyone waited for him to say something. He looked up and smirked, and asked, “WHAT?”

They were a group of eight, all in final year of schooling. Their morning session was left free as their professor was busy welcoming their junior batch. Raghuveer saw someone had misplaced their papers and was roaming around trying to locate the new student. While others Sonakshi, Meena, Sunil, Aju, Ria, Girish and Deepa headed to the cafeteria. Ria sitting at the other end spoke, “Oye! Monkey what did you do today? That glee is definitely dangerous!”

Before he could tell, the group of friends wanted to get snacks and a few went to buy breakfast especially now that they anticipated a nice story.

Everyone soon joined the table and he was walking around  enacting as to what had happened and his glorious twist to the tale. There was absolute silence. Everyone was stunned but Girish was the first to burst out laughing and it became contagious. Raghuveer was beaming ear to ear. It was Sunil who wore a worried expression and said, “Moron! You DID NOT do that!”

Raghuveer did the famous triple bow and stood up with his hands wide-spread in air, puffing with pride, “Do I look like I’m joking?”

When suddenly.

“R-A-G-H-U-V-E-E-R” someone thundered from the entrance to the cafeteria.

The hall fell silent and turned around to look. Raghuveer was well-known in school, notoriously famous. While his gang of friends guessing that it should be Anita and anticipated fun.They were sitting like excited toddlers waiting for their favourite show on the telly.

Anita zoomed inside, fuming. Expecting a lot of action, a lot of mobiles from adjacent tables went up in air.

Raghuveer, turned 180 degrees with his hands still spread out and mouth fell open as he saw Anita.

Everything happened within a few moments. Deep down he knew he deserved it.  Raghuveer, stood frozen in his blazer, and his white shirt, brand new white shirt. Little did he know that those few moments had made an epic viral video! A very short one yet extremely significant. The video was played everywhere. Everyone in the school came to know, it even spread like wild-fire across other school kids.

When one plays that clip this is what happens.

*video starts* Anita comes storming in, picks a coke cup kept on a table even before the student could react. Walks up to Raghuveer and flings the coke on his face. Even the splash sound is heard and then she fumes out, “Dirty prank and you ARE sooo gonna pay for it!” and turns to leave. And the entire group of friends are laughing madly *video stops*

Sunil then grins widely calls out her name. Anita stops and turns…

Sunil and Anita became friends thus


You might still wonder how did Raghuveer and Anita ever became friends! You will get to know shortly!

This story is continued in the next post – Part V

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