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But how did Anita and Raghuveer end up being friends, even after ten years but until a while ago?

Raghuveer was wondering the exact thought. He was standing in front of the window of a shop having dolls dressed up for display. He was lost in memories. He remembered those walks where Anita was way too excited about the dresses she saw on the dolls. They were one of her fascination, she always used to tell they are the essence of the Gita – detached attachment. It was a complicated thought! He loved to listen to her ramble on, and she was way too expressive with her big eyes and moving hands. These were however nothing compared to the thoughts that crosses her head. He never got bored with her, or her imagination. He initially needed a moment or two to catch up with the speed of her bright charming imagination. “Anita!” he sighed out loud and sank into the pavement supporting his head on the lamp-post near-by. He put his head between his legs and wrapped his arms around himself.

Suddenly he felt someone’s hand tapping him on his shoulder. He looked up startled, redness was creeping in on the whites. She was not Indian, but a blonde, tall and slender and beautiful. She held a book in her hand, and marked the current page with a finger. She came down on her heels and spoke.

“Hi! I’m Amy. Would you mind some company?”

Raghuveer moved a bit and signalled her to sit. “I’m Raghuveer. Some company would be great!”

“I couldn’t help noticing, you rather seemed like you lost something dear.” Raghuveer looked up at her, “Not meaning to interrupt, but I like noticing people. I go on lonely trails, it helps me connect with people”

Raghuveer was rather intrigued by her talk, she would be someone Anita would have so much in common with. He sighed again.

“I’m sorry Raghuveer if I’m interrupting your lone time.” And she was about to get up. When.

“Amy. No it is just that you remind me of someone I know, or rather I knew!”

Amy looked at him kindly, “That is definitely not good” she urged him subtly to say more.

“You know Amy, you find these amazing persons who notoriously sneak into your lives. Before you even know, they start meaning so much to you that over a point of time it seems impossible without them. You know they matter to you so much and you matter to them so much!” he rambled on. “But time! Time is the culprit, they make things so very familiar with them that it starts breeding contempt. So many noises occupies your life that the beautiful soothing music, is pushed to the background. The song plays all along, but then you need to reduce the noise to hear, metaphorically speaking you get busy. Until you can hear the song no more. It hits you hard. It is then that you realize that hitting the snooze button is of no avail and you need to wake up and get the music playing. If not you lose the tune forever.”

Amy was listening keenly, “So you hit the snooze button? Or you finally woke you?”

Raghuveer was astonished that she was able to keep up, “Well! Let’s just say I realized I set the alarm time for a weekend on a working day, that too an important day!”

“That doesn’t sound good!” Amy whispered, “What happened?”

Raghuveer mustered all his courage and made THE confession,

Amy, I lied to someone I never should have! And I lost her.”


What is it all about? Stay tuned for more!

(To be continued)

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