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She had a break-up with a friend.

She sat back reminiscing about the past, the clock chimed once, announcing the first hour of the day just got done. Tears started to trickle down her eyes. It was way back in time, almost 10 years.


She was a mere kid of 16 and the eleventh grader gracefully walked into her new school. It was one of the finest schools in the city and the campus was one of the most beautiful one and definitely a huge one. Anita had lost her way into the maze, she checked her watch and she was running fifteen minutes late for her first class already. She panicked, her mind started thinking about that scene in Harry Potter and a stern teacher like Professor McGonagall, who threatened to change her into a watch or perhaps a map. (The scene clipping) She chuckled out loud and at that exact moment she ran into a guy, quite literally. Rubbing her head she looked up and apologised, seeing the same papers in his hands, she was convinced that he was new to the school too. He extended his arm introducing himself as Raghuveer, She smiled, and extended the greeting.

“Hi! I’m Anita! I’m new to school.”

“Ah! No wonder you must be lost then Anita! I could be your guide. Come with me.” Raghuveer said. It was as if they connected immediately.

Raghuveer trotted off and Anita gave a wide-eyed expression, ‘What just happened?’ and then the buzz hit her head ‘Oops! I need to follow the guy! Hurry hurry!’ and scampered away behind him.

He took her around a few more blocks, and then guided her into a class. Anita turned to say thank you, but he went away before she could even turn. She hurried into class making a mental note to thank Raghuveer, the boy with dimple on his cheek, and curly hair.

Entering the class, she announced, “Excuse me! Hi, I’m Anita and I’m new here. Sorry to join in late, I lost my way.” She said with a wide grin plastered across her face. But she didn’t realise just one thing.

She stepped into Satan’s lair. Uninvited.

The professor was known to have the worst temper in school. Then began the verbal delivery that she chose to forget till this very day. Anita went pale like white tiger facing her worst ring master. The class, the almost-deaf audience, stifled a laughter.

Anita went into the wrong class. Additionally, she interrupted a class which even the Dean of the school would think twice to enter unannounced or uncalled for. Surprises did not end there – she interrupted her seniors, the twelfth standard class, which was a big deal in the school. Standing there she never realised that her two years in the school, she is going to be called the ‘WHITE TIGER’.

She was mad at Raghuveer and vowed to never ever talk to Raghuveer, ever again. Period.


The smile dissolved on her lips with tears crushing in. She hated him and they never got along, ever since the first day.

But how did Anita and Raghuveer end up being friends, even after ten years but until a while ago?
(To be continued)

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