Anita came home after a long day. She clicked the apartment open, a single-bed room apartment, tidy and well-kept. It had a balcony over-looking at the urban wilderness and chaotic peace of the city. The headlights and brake lights sprayed split second marvels on the walls. Entering the house, she could empathize with the chaos outside. She felt lonely, like a child lost in the streets of a carnival. She saw the picture kept on her desk, it was her most treasured photo-frame and held a precious moment that had then crystallized behind the lens. That day’s events were yet to sink in, and her senses were numbed in shock. She knew relationship-break-ups were bad but today it was something different, it was something beyond bad, it was intense. She just encountered a break-up, BUT it was not the typical classic relationship that she was dealing with.

She stepped into the warm shower, played soothing music, and wore her most comfortable cloths. Nothing even came close to calm her down. She ordered for her favorite food, and sat by her intimate spot in the balcony. She was lost in thoughts. The evening started to melt away; she saw the city going to sleep – office lights were tuned out, traffic trickled into few, and it was soon well past midnight. She still rooted to her chair, cold and numb. Her food was still in wraps untouched, her tea went icy cold. A familiar blip from her mobile brought her back to senses and it gave her ache. It was not from the one she wanted, reality started to sink in. She will never be hearing from that person anymore.

The 26-year-old started realizing that, her life that, she so cautiously built has started to fall apart. The worst was yet to come, she was totally clueless about what to do. Anita was a rational thinker, even under demanding situations. She built her life after she was literally thrown out from a promising job – a venture that she toiled with her sweat and blood. She held her head high and she made through all of them with a smile.

But today she felt desolated.

Today she was lost in the abyss. It was too dark to comprehend.

She had a break-up with a friend…

(To be continued)

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