One Thing I would to Change in Chennai

This post is a part of the Tablog titled CBC TABLOG-2. CBC is the Chennai Blogging Club which is the most happening Bloggers community. We the members of CBC bring out the Voice of Chennai .This Tablog  is a relay of post about “One aspect of Chennai that I would like to change” where 30 members from the group shell out that aspect which we would want to change and make this beautiful city even wonderful .

The previous post in this series was by Sahitya who is an avid blogger. She blogs about history among other things, which is amazing because personally I love history and I’ve always been fascinated by it. She blogs at Rythmica. Her post as a part of this series was about water scarcity beautifully penned in Tamil.

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Logo Design by Kaushik

One of the most gorgeous cities across India. Embracing tradition so close to its day-to-day functioning yet doesn’t miss out on keeping up with the modern trends. Chennai never ceases to amaze me, the history, tradition and urbanization are into a perfect blend. 

Yet there are a few things that could be changed to make Chennai more awesome. Despite the historic influences of English in Chennai or ‘Madras’, what we are a city now currently lack is a strong foundation for the language English. There is a dearth of groups and clubs that are formed to promote spoken word poetry, poetry clubs, book-meets, talk with authors, book clubs, English theater and viewers and the like. One could say that, it is not really the case and there are a lot of city happenings that does happen around. However the reality is that, for the population in this city, there is no much scope or avenue to learn, share and develop. 

With increasing number of activities, fresh blood can easily be identified, more new talents can be nurtured along with those existing persons who are looking for such opportunities. More activities, more clubs, more initiatives and more visits and discussions with budding authors, poets can have a huge impact on the city.

(given that I do love Tamil and all other languages) 

This is the aspect which I would like to see Chennai change itself. However true to the saying be the CHANGE you wish to see, here I’m in Chennai Blogger’s Club.

The next in line to give in their views is Clement Williams, a fellow blogger who gives amazing insights via his posts



10 thoughts on “One Thing I would to Change in Chennai

  1. Destination Infinity says:

    I think events could be focused on both English and Tamil as ppl. know both languages here. But yes, we need such events as they will be a motivation to new/budding writers. The book shops should be initiating such events, but since they are not, it’s left to individuals. Have a look at the Madras Day events this month – there are a few literary events too.

    Destination Infinity


  2. Divia says:

    Lived all my life in this city and speaking/ writing in english was never a big deal. But once i was on the phone with my hubby in an auto. When i reached the auto fellow said he was jealous of me, the way that i spoke in english. The reason when i gave a hard thought was massive influx of people from all over the state and country too.
    Bcoz one educationist from UK said the english from south India particularly Chennai is very good and close to their vocab and diction sans the accent. So the onus lies on the natives of chennai to help the others.


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