The Little Asura in Everyone

ImageMost of the world bakes in the glory of the half-truths. It sounds ironic to call it the ‘truth’ because, it is mostly the collection of a one sided hardened opinion, what is later evolves to be the facts. It is disturbing or  becomes unacceptable when one tries to listen to the other version of the same incident. Those laments are as pitiable as the former, and if one, if one really gets a chance to be neutral, they get to see the harsh realities and the wondrous ways the life works around the globe.

I just happen to read Asura, the ‘Ravanaya’ version of the greatest epics in the world the ‘Ramayana’. I was amused and shocked to see characters who I happen to deify and pray being spoken about, in much different fashion, one with animosity. The shadow of the sunshine, the flip-side of the perceived good by many through the eyes of the bad. It was a shocking discovery, despite it being a fiction, it bordered upon the disfigured truth, the tainted reality. The asuras or the demons, the villains had their story to tell, the one in which Rama was seen to be a non-hero, where his flaws were emulated. Again it was just a fiction.

Epics could or couldn’t be true, but the current happening of the world can never be denied can it? Why even consider the world, consider our own life, where we can understand the other side too. Looking at the reality from their perspective, look at it to the shades till you are at the stark opposite of oneself. That would completely change the way we live, we think, we communicate. We will become more compassionate and more receptive because ultimately we will realize,

“We are as right as the other person; who is as wrong as us.”


2 thoughts on “The Little Asura in Everyone

  1. Bragadeesh Prasanna says:

    I dont know whether the last line was from the book. But it summarized the blog post beautifully and poetically. Good one Lakshmi.


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