Your BABY DOLLS! Your Playthings

Guys! Let me get this straight !

So you made sure that somewhere, sometime that women, girls, baby girls or the whole female community, in total are just your play things. You can stare at them, literally drooling *but hey I was told only dogs do that, but then no! If compare I am degrading dogs here) ogling at them, like they are your property. And that my people! Is right! Why? Because that is, what MEN do! Cause they are jackasses who can’t or don’t have something called *self respect*, or well then comes the big thing called, they are programmed that way, they just cannot, CANNOT hold themselves back – LEWDS.

As kids we talk to our playthings! Talk nonsense, what can they possibly do? So these MORONS took it up quite too literally, so these MO.. Oops did I just! Well I meant “men” it includes those “Juvenile boys” who talk shit to what they consider as playthings, no! Not their bikes, it is us, come on people keep up! Those gorgeous creatures whom “they” have all around them; as their mothers, sisters, daughters, friends, lady love, wives, friends. But when these relationships travel on the road, in the train, in your acquaintance place, or sadly even in your own house (I refrain from calling that hell as HOME). Why? Because they are just their playthings. Talk shit to them, random tell them how nice their “everything” is, comment upon “what-you-shouldn’t-be-doing”, molest them, abuse them, drag them, beat them, take advantage of them, rape them and kill and dispose them. After all they are just your play-thing isn’t it! That is how we are taught to treat dolls.

And yes, dressing them up dolls? Why do you have the ashtrays? Use the lady in your house! Well they say God made woman from Man’s ribs so that she is always protected and respected by him, but why do you care all about that right? For you, it is just to have your cigars stubbed on to them right? And it doesn’t just stop there, well how can it? What a brittle World would that be? Chilli, glass pieces, but hey my imagination is limited, actions speaks for a thousand words right! No I’m not surprised on all the thoughts that comes to your mind.


So you are telling me that they can looked down upon, be abused in the public and no! Nobody would tell anything about “guys” because “men will be men”. Long gone are the days of knights, fir the damsels in distress; not even the onlookers care. That my people! Are the public made up of you and me. I live in one such society, facing all the “men” daily.

A silent victim.

(On behalf of all the female population)


PS: Not all guys are that this way, but sadly many are! So if you aren’t one, just read and pass along and if you are one, refrain from it.

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