O for Outcasts

 (This post is a part of A-Z April Blogging Challenge, my theme is Mother Nature.)

I’ve always wondered how evolution happened. Somewhere some species would have had a change, something extra or something less. When that happened that particular animal would have been the outcast in its surroundings. Te pictures below would show evolution
What we call today as ELEPHANTS
Source – Internet
And that is how giraffe stretched
Source – Internet
Just as the quote says, ‘Don’t follow a path, go in the wild and set a trail’ this process reminded me that it is okay to be different, for that brings in the change. it might take sometime to adapt to that feel yet once we are accustomed, we zeal in. In the history of mankind we have a lot of people who were pushed out and accused of not having the required. Later it was these same people who set new benchmarks in the same field, we have Sir Isaac Newton, Walt Disney, Micheal Jordan, and lots other people.
Also I also wonder many days, whenever I listen to incidents like babies with extra limbs or body parts if evolution has still not finished with humans yet and we humans are blocking that process using surgeries by removing them. Of course I’m no doctor nor that into biology or the like to know the exact process, but it is just my random thought. 
Am I the only one to think this way? comment your thoughts 🙂
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6 thoughts on “O for Outcasts

  1. Jessica Peterson says:

    Great post. I was thinking about evolution just today. Funny how the world works. I've never thought about humans still evolving, and perhaps that's why some are born with extra limbs, something interesting to consider.

    Have fun with a-z. 🙂


  2. Timothy Brannan says:

    The upper graph correctly shows evolution, but the lower Lemarkian one was proven wrong back in Darwin's day.

    The extra limbs are usually due to birth defects. Commonly associated with some issues in gestation or conception (like mothers taking drugs like Thalidamide or Alcohol).

    Evolution is never “done” it keeps on going and going!

    Great post!

    Tim Brannan
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    The Freedom of Nonbelief


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