L for Lamps

 (This post is a part of A-Z April Blogging Challenge, my theme is Mother Nature.)

An Earhtern Lamp
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Lamps are the holders of light that powers vision and gives an insight. A typical lamp as per the Hindu tradition is lit thus. First a holder with a curved surface is taken, it can be make from metals, clay etc, then oil is poured in, fragrances oil can be mixed too. Then a cotton wick is rolled and placed and it is made sure that the wick is soaked in oil and then it is lit. Lamps play a predominant position in Hindu worship. Vedic philosophy attaches deeper significance to lamps. (click here to know more).
Pancha-Mugam Villakku
(A lamp with 5 faces)
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Lamps lit in a temple as prayer
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Lamp dispels darkness, is a beacon for knowledge. But it also has more; it emphasis the fact that ‘As you sow, so you reap’ concept. One cannot mix vanilla oil and expect the fragrance to be lavender. What one does, they will receive the benefits (good/bad) in their lives. That’s why we have our elders encouraging us to do good and be good to all. Moreover, one can always adjust the light from a lamp, by pulling the wick up and making it burn bigger and faster or dipping it in and making it burn smaller and slower. It tell us that we are seen by people by means of how we depict ourselves to be; we can choose to be.
Karthagai (festival of lights) at my home in 2012
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