A Hushed Up Hustler

Source – Internet
Two nude bodies lay entwined, enticingly
Making loveless acts of erotica;
Muted rustles against silky bed linen
Echoed along with gasps of breaths
And Eve’s urgent screams
Her big brown eyes had long forgotten
Love; they dreaded lust that was
Paid and the pain it gave. Aphrodisiac
White port failed to induce the feel;
Finest bouquet smelt pungent.
Her tender supple skin glowed in the
Dark, she cursed her beauty that was
Sold for a price; Two hands groped
Mindlessly, extracting carnal pleasures
From her achy gripe.
As the bloodshot eye looked her,
A well practiced coy smile depicted
Merriment – a stipulation in service.
Finally the tortures that tested her
Skin, her flesh and her emotions ended.
Her eyes wet, she revert back into
Memory lane; a born burden – A
Girl child; traded for a penny,
Silenced by drugs; Serviced for
Yen; an effigy of silent death.
Monies might, beauty slaved,
Love wrecked, handled by
Rich and poor alike; spit upon,
Burnt onto and dug into,
Used and disposed.
She is a prostitute.
Brought and sold for money
Like a commodity unlike a
Human with respect and emotions.
*This poem was written as a submission for an anthology of International poetry – Veils, Halos and Shackles.*


20 thoughts on “A Hushed Up Hustler

  1. Harikrishna says:

    I couldn't speak a word after reading. This is gonna haunt me for days to come. Well written. I am speechless and I am ashamed that I couldn't do anything but read and comment. A very good work.


  2. Susan Deborah says:

    Very poignant and sensitively portrayed. I shudder when I think of young girls whose lives are traded so. They need to live lives as the other girls . . . I wonder how many are languishing like that.

    I don't know whether to say that you've written a wonderful poem or that your words have painted the picture of human trafficking well.

    Joy always,


  3. Sowmya Swaminathan says:

    Very powerful, Lakshmi. Each word pierces the heart. I feel very bad every-time I read an article in the newspaper which reports the rape or abuse of girls or women. It's high time we really do something about this.

    Excellent post, Lakshmi. I'm sure you're going to win. Good luck! 🙂


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